Things I Will Miss in Columbia – by Nick

Things I Will Miss in Columbia

In no particular order, here are the things in Columbia I will miss…(most of these will involve nature or food. What can I say? 🙂  )

1. Toppings at Shakespeare’s…Look, its not the best pizza in the world, but toppings-wise. Amazing! Still waiting to find a pizza with better toppings than Shakespeare’s.

2. Twin Lakes Recreation Area. The least trafficked, most peaceful, serene lake in the columbia area. Loved praying on the bench that juts out into the middle of the lake.

3. Cheering at Mizzou games. Faurot Field and Mizzou Arena, they were fun places to hang out and cheer on the Tigers. Now, I’m going to be that weird guy who cheers for Mizzou in a sea of different sports teams.

Read more: Things I Will Miss in Columbia –


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CoMo hosts its first Ragnarokon gaming convention

Clark created the three-day weekend event, which starts Friday, to unite mid-Missouri enthusiasts involved with miniature figurine, board and fantasy role-playing games. Clark says Columbia is brimming with hundreds of gamers, but not all venture outside of their circle to play at places like Valhalla’s Gate, a hobby store located at 901 E. Nifong Blvd. “Oddly enough, Columbia suffers from being a rather fractured gaming community,” Clark says. “The convention has to cast a wide net.”

Ragnarokon will host a variety of games that require patience, diligence and time. The game master or narrator in role-playing games can spend up to six hours crafting a plot and weaving the story line for the other players.

via Vox Magazine – CoMo hosts its first Ragnarokon gaming convention.


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Karaoke Guide – Vox Magazine

If day-to-day obligations are causing a case of the blues, why not sing away the sorrow — in front of a bunch of total strangers? There’s something strangely cathartic about putting it all on the line and belting out Elton John classics. Vox has the guide to bars and restaurants in Columbia so you can brave the stage and reach for the microphone. Read more at: Vox Magazine – The Guide: Karaoke.


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What Does Winter In Columbia Mean To You? | Inside Columbia Magazine

What does winter in Columbia mean to you? Building a snowman with your children? Sledding down the neighborhood hill? Slippery roads and snow plows? Submit your “Wintertime in Columbia” photos to and we’ll publish them here on our website at!

via What Does Winter In Columbia Mean To You? | Inside Columbia Magazine.

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8 Things You Should Never Say To A College Senior

As I sit elbow-deep in papers, projects and exams that are all due within the next week, saying I’m counting down the seconds until the end of the semester is the understatement of the year. No. Of the century. But if I relayed that fact to my senior friends that are actually graduating at the end of this semester, they’d smack me. And after four years of dealing with college guys, they’ve mastered the fine art of b*tch slapping!

The past few weeks, I find myself walking on eggshells around these depressed folk, who mope around campus as though they just lost all their belongings in a level 10 natural disaster, the CW just canceled Gossip Girl, and they found out that Mario Lopez was gay. For real, who woulda thought offering up some Easy Mac would induce a sob-fest? I get that they’re a wee bit on edge about graduating, but really? Over Easy Mac?

If you’re still an underclassmen like me, beware. Heed my advice and avoid any mention of these 8 things when interacting with a senior if you want to avoid a smack in the face, a beer dumped over your head, or just a massive onslaught of tears…

via College Candy: 8 Things You Should Never Say To A College Senior.

Thanks to @HarposComo for the link.


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Winter Hibernation Guide – Vox Magazine

The holidays are officially over, and we’ve entered the dreariest days of the year. We can think of no better way to spend this time than settling in for a long winter’s nap. Read on to find out how to hibernate like you mean it: stock up on cuddly supplies, movies to make you feel snowed-in and a list of places that will deliver food and other essentials right to your doorstep. And if you absolutely insist on leaving the house, we scouted out five fireplaces worth getting out of bed to lounge next to. So settle in, kids. Spring will be here before you know it.

Read the entire article at: Vox Magazine – Snuggle up with Vox.

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First Night schedule of activities – Columbia Missourian



See the schedule at: First Night schedule of activities – Columbia Missourian.

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Google Launches Site for Teaching Tech to Your Parents

Ever go home for the holidays and find your parents asking you to help them with “techie tasks” like uploading photos to the Internet (Internet)?

You’re not alone. A bunch of folks over at Google (Google) find themselves in this situation nearly every time they visit their families around this time of year. That’s why they’ve launched, a “tech support care package” that’s meant to help kids teach parents about computer basics.

According to a Google blog post, the site allows users to select more than 50 basic how-to videos they could send to parents — or frankly, anyone else who might need a little tech help. The videos cover topics from copying and pasting to sharing large files. The recipient will receive a message from the sender, along with a link to the selected videos.

Read more at:  Google Launches Site for Teaching Tech to Your Parents.


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Follow Friday – December 10

Keep Columbia Safe

KeepCoMoSafe Keep Columbia Safe is a grass-roots effort of citizens concerned about solving crime and promoting safety in our community.

Harpos Bar & Grill

harposcomo Harpos Bar & Grill – THE Missouri Bar – Serving Missouri for 39 years.


Mizzou News and stories from the University of Missouri


cdtbusiness The Columbia Daily Tribune is a 20,000+ circulation daily newspaper in Columbia, Mo.

Penguin Piano Bar

penguinpiano Penguin Piano Bar

Room 38

Room38 Room 38

D. Rowe

DRowes68 D. Rowe’s

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12 Bars of Christmas Holiday Crawl

When: Dec 11
Where: Downtown
Age: 21+
Cost: $10
Contact: 443.3216

If you head downtown this Saturday and there are folks dressed as Santa going from bar to bar, don’t worry. Santa is still coming in a few weeks, he is just taking a break at the 12 Bars of Christmas Holiday Crawl. The crawl takes place downtown and wristbands are sold for $10 each, which gets you free cover and drink specials. All proceeds go towards getting a K-9 department for the Columbia Police Department.

You can purchase wristbands at any participating bar. Bars include Déjà vu, Quinton’s, Tonic, Campus Bar & Grill, Shiloh, Willie’s and Fieldhouse, Bengals, Room 38, On the Rocks, Penguin Piano Bar, Generic Nightclub and Eastside Tavern. All night, Taxi Terry’s will have a flat cab rate of $10.

If you are really in the Christmas spirit and do sport a holiday or Santa costume, snap a picture to post to the event’s Facebook page no later than 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 15. If your costume takes the cake, you can win a prize for the Best Santa Costume, the Hottest Holiday Costume, the Most Creative Holiday Costume, the Best Group Costume and the Ugliest Holiday Sweater.

via Vox Magazine – 12 Bars of Christmas Holiday Crawl.

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